Saturday, August 09, 2008

Up on my soap box on file sharing.

It has been known for a very, very long time that it costs record companies no more than £1 to produce an album, that’s not just the cd, that’s everything, the cd, the artwork the jewel case, everything, and yet you will universally pay an average of £13 for that album. What does this mean? For a start it means that they are making an obscene profit of over 1000% and more disturbingly seeing as this price is near universal it must be assumed that they are grouped together in a cartel for the purpose of keeping the price of albums artificially high, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this illegal! I’m certain there have been laws against it for a very, very long time, and yet, of course they get away with it. When you buy an album, record companies are by definition taking money out of your pocket, with your consent, I might add, I’m not saying they have someone stand next to you and pick your pocket while you look at the album, that would be absurdly costly and inefficient but joking aside if the price of the album is kept high via an illegal method, ie the cartel, then that money is being illegally charged and therefore it charging must be seen as an act of theft.
I believe that in light of this file sharing must be seen as a protection against this sort theft, this consumer abuse, but somewhat unsurprisingly the law seeks to protect the thief, not you.
The case with downloads is even worse. Each track costs something like a penny or perhaps even less to put online and to maintain, yet you are charged an average of 99p to download it, sometimes they feel a bit more generous and charge 89p or 79p, this means that at the very least they are making a profit of almost 8000% per track! How can this be seen as right, how can it be allowed?!? it means that a lot of the time you will be paying more to download an album than to buy it in the shops! the record companies save money, and you loose it! So lets here no more of the rights of musicians, copyright may have been made to protect them but right now it just protects the record companies, and allows them to continue their abusive and illegal practices!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

the curse of batman!

Heath Ledger dead! Christian Bale accused of assault! Morgan Freeman injured in a car crash! Michael Caine STILL unable to act! its a curse i tell you! watch out Gary Oldman you're next!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

The Chinese fashion police that broke the camels back.

I am for the most part against boycotts and other such sanctions, political and otherwise, I always feel that they simply make the problem worse, that they force the country in question into ever more and more extreme actions simply to prove that you can not push them around, this is particularly true in the case of China where pride is especially important, as such I have always felt that what needs to be done is that they should be brought out into the world and that if you do that it will encourage them to change and that slowly but surely things will get better, but then I heard this story, that as a result of the Beijing Olympics the people of China are being handed down dictums about what they can and cannot wear, how they can and cannot have their hair and even how they should stand, it is like the straw that broke the camels back, this is by no means the worst thing that the Chinese authorities have done, but I react so harshly against it because this in one important manner is so much worse because it is an extra tyranny levied against the Chinese people because of us, because if they were not getting the Olympics, then this would not be happening, we can not allow this to happen, because it is in effect being done for our benefit, we must say no to it and if necessary say no to the Olympics, if everyone refuses to go, the Chinese will have to listen to us or run the risk of becoming an international laughing stock.

Barry George cleared of jill Dando murder!

I always said he didn’t do it, the evidence never added up, it was all circumstantial, and peppered with spurious and highly prejudiced and what’s more illogical statements about his mental state, his conviction amounted to little more than authorities pointing at the local crazy like a bunch of slack jawed yokels, and blaming all their ills on him or her, or in this case one particular ill, it was something akin to a witch trial. Now that it is all over we need to examine what may well be an institutionalized prejudice levied against the mentally ill, this is every bit as bad as institutionalized racism, and must be routed out.
I am writing about this having just heard it, so I apologize for the lack of witty title.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Knife Crime

This is something that i sent into london radio station (LBC) suffice it to say that it was not read out.

When i was a child i would often carry around knife, such as a small hunting knife or a pen knife, i had no intention of stabbing anyone, i just liked the knife, i thought it was cool, but had i been picked up by the police and given a jail sentence, i would have been criminalised, may well have ended up as a criminal, certainly the likelihood of this happening would have been put up, having mandatory sentences for possession of a knife, ultimately will not curtail knife crime, and in the long term will end up putting crime up overall.
whats more if a person is carrying a knife because they don't feel that the streets are safe and feel that they need to carry one as protection, and you tell them that they can't do that, then from their perspective you are basically saying that they don't have a right to protect themselves, they are unlikely to listen to this or heed it and who can blame them.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


people think i'm wierd, or so i've been told, well i guess i am then, and as such i think it would be interesting to look at the derivation of the word, bassically it comes from the ancient norwegian idea of the web of wyrd ie the network by which one traverses the worlds (midgard, asgard, svartlehiem, and so on and so forth) the shaman would be able to project themselves through those pathways and bring back knowledge for the benifit of the tribe, this person would be strange in so much as they would be by their very nature somewhat unconnected with the everyday normal world, because they were bassicaly insane, atleast by modern standards but now in the larger than tribal world the word has become watered down and now just means strange which means unknown and wierd which as i have just demonstrated really just means having knowledge beyond the normal or knowing the unknown if a wierdo is both strange and knowledgable of the unknown then to be wierd is to know yourself in all your wierd and strange glory, as such you're probebly a bit nuts as well, but thats Ok, who isn't a bit nuts in this day and age, i know i am. Ha ha ha aha aha ahaha haha ha ah aha ha.

My First post of 2008

Listen and hear my words, for i have sojourned in the land outside of ye blogsphere and i return to you with..........................not very much at all in fact, nope i haven't written anything new, i've given it very little thought in fact.............but can you blame me???? after a while i just got the impression i wasn't really talking to anyone, in fact i'm not sure i'm talking to anybody now, but i'll post a few things from the unpublished archive, and we'll see what happens.

I hope it didn't dissapoint.

Monday, December 17, 2007

As you may have guessed

i am so bored with blogger, my new internet addiction is mobile website itsmy at enjoy, or whatever.

movies coming out in the cinema that i am strangely interested in seeing, probably not while they're actually in the cinema but you know maybe when

they come out on DVD or more than likely in 5 or 6 years when they put them on TV.

Bee movie


Fred Claus

Now cower before the mighty mightyness of this post!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The funny graffiti plague

In a car park.

On a library!

Next to a bus stop!! taunting the glumly waiting commuters!!!

The replacement blog asks? Will this madness never end!!!!

Super what now..........

I'll say it again.

Jesus says...........